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Hi everyone

I joined this community earlier this year. I have read all the posts that interested me.

You can check out my user info to find out more about me.

I'll give some background to my home life. I live with a roommate. We used to be potential Life Partners for each other but no more. That potential has ended last month or was it this month? Mmm, don't have the date memorized. I moved in with him last June. It's difficult living with someone who was a potential Life Partner but is no more and I not gotten over the loss I am feeling. He had to quit his job due to a workplace illness which should be resolved this month or next. So he is home more because he's not working but yet goes out more than me. I have more than one health challenge that prevents me from being in the workforce. Some days I do like staying home and doing stuff at home. I think it's important I at least stick my head outside every day and get some fresh air into my body which I don't do. My personal record of staying in was in 1996 when I stayed in for 25 days in a row. You may be thinking how did I eat? At the time I had a roommate who would buy the groc for me and I'd pay him for the groc. Sometimes I'd pay for meals he made with his own items and other times I'd order in. This year I don't know what my staying in record is but it definitely is less! To me going out means my whole body is outside, even if it's only taking the garbage out. Sticking my head outside would not be considered going out! hehehe. Three of my health challenges are chronic depression, various types of anxiety and endometriosis. Some of the symptoms that keep me in are fatigue, lack of motivation and anxiety.

Does anyone live in my area? I live in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada.

Feel free to ask me any questions.

Thanks for reading and bye for now.
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