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Hi Sophy

Sophy, I have already posted this in your journal but would like to post it here also.

I have a request to make to you. I'm a member of homeward_bound and I wanted to cut and paste a certain entry from my personal journal to the community. Could you read the entry dated Apr 13, 2006 in my journal and let me know if I can post it in the community?

Thank you.

PS: Do I need to use a lj cut for the entry?


Sophy's reply was:

If you mean the homeward_bound community, if you're a member you should be able to post to that.

I guess I'm not sure how the post you're refering to fits in with the community, but if you really want to post it there, feel free to do so with an lj cut.


Hi Sophy

Thanks for getting back to me so soon.

Could you clarify something for me? Is there a way of posting a new post (not a comment to a post already made) in someone else's journal?

Nice of you to tell me to go ahead and post the entry from my journal to the community without being sure of how the post fits in. I'd like to explain it to you. I stay at home a lot by choice or because of my health keeping me in. When I choose to stay home because I want to do my own thing, that's ok. When I wish I could have a female friend visiting me or that I could go out and meet I end up feeling lonely. I have only 1 female friend who I've had limited contact with for various reasons. I need more female friends. The friend would have to be understanding and accepting of me being home bound due to my health. I would be understanding and accepting of her being home bound due to health or preference. I would be willing to visit a home bound or bed bound women in her home. She could have someone else present when I visit until she feels comfortable not having someone else around. We could give each other understanding and acceptance if we do meet outside of our homes. Maybe I could find who I'm looking for in the Homeward Bound community.

Thanks for your time and help.

Bye for now.

PS: I will be posting my comments and your answers here to the community. I think it would have been better if I had posted all this in the community and not in your personal journal. Sorry for any annoyance I may have caused to you.
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