Genie (genie_lorene) wrote in homeward_bound,

Hi Everybody

I am not homebound.  But I have a dear sweet wonderful young adult friend who is.   I only know her through the internet and I am trying to help her find an online community where there are people like herself.  She role plays at various sites online, but it's not the same as interacting with people who are homebound--people who are trapped at home.  She would like to have friends who understand, but who don't focus on illness and disease. Rather, she would like to have fun!  Talk, play, surf the net with others like herself.  Maybe even find a virtual romance.  I can't find any online sites especially for homebounds who want to socialize.  It's always support groups.  She has support, what she needs is some fun and some escape.  Can anyone direct me to a good site?  Is there anyone here who is around 18 years old who'd like a friend to talk to who is their own age?  Someone who maybe wants to RP somewhere and would like someone like themselves to play with?  

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