Le Chat Noir (kittenspeaks) wrote in homeward_bound,
Le Chat Noir

Trapped, Broke losing it...

Due to combination of Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus I am trapped at home. I have so many days where my legs are too weak for me to walk that I military crawl to the toilet or urinate in a large bowl that I keep at hand. I am a few months behind on my rent and bills. I am currently on unemployment but that runs out in a couple of months. I have yet to qualify for disability and when I do it looks like it will pay me less than my unemployment which doesn't pay me enough to live on.

I am going insane.
I am falling apart.
I need to work to keep my sanity.
I need to work to keep a roof over my head.
But I am not ambulatory often enough to be a reliable employee for anything that requires that I leave my apartment.

I hear about people who work from home. I have looked for opportunities for this but all I seem to find are scams that want money from me. I can't afford a 60.00 book that tells me places that may (or may not) hire people to work from home.
I am a very good typist. I have done transcription and legal billing.
My hands still work. I can do any kind of data entry.
I have a laptop and a tower computer so if one goes I even have a back up.
I want to work.
Why is it so hard?

If anyone has any leads please let me know.
If anyone has any advice on how to keep my sanity until I find something please.
I am begging.

I am not a bad person.
I am not irresponsible.
I am not unreliable.
I am just sick. I am in treatment. I am following all of the rules set out by my doctors.

I just need something to right these things before I lose everything.
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