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This community is for those of us who are home bound.
If you are sick, disabled, a caregiver of elderly or someone sick or disabled, a stay at home parent and/or spouse, someone who works from home, a hermit, unemployed, retired, or find yourself at home more often than not for any other reason, then this community is for you. Even if your situation is temporary, feel free to join us.
Or if someone close to you is homebound and you'd like to read and chat about it, that's fine, too.

On topic: anything having to do with the experience of living primarily at home; the advantages and disadvantages, tips on how to make it easier, boredom and how to relieve boredom, social anxieties, venting about people who don't understand, basically anything you want.

Be kind to one another, and please ask before promoting any other communities or web pages. I think such things can be helpful for us to share, but don't want the community to be too bogged down with that.
Additonally, posts which are mere advertisements or promotions and not of any relevant content to the community will be deleted.

I'm sophy if you have any requests, questions, or concerns.

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